This is Natural Dog Training Australia

If training your dog hasn't been a walk in the park

Whether you’re into science-based training or just want a well behaved dog, we’re here to make sure no pup ends up in the doghouse because of behavior problems. Let’s get those tails wagging and those behaviors in check together!

What is Natural Dog Training?

Understanding a dog's nature is key

Our method revolves around understanding and fulfilling your dog’s needs through a strong and mutually beneficial human-dog bond.

By tapping into the innate social drive of dogs, learning to see the world through their eyes and understanding their language, we can communicate with clarity, improve our relationship and gain their co-operation.

The key is to be positive but not permissive, to encourage good behavior and set limitations in a safe and humane way. Then and only then, can we live freely with our pet dog. 

Two happy dogs sitting on the lawn afer a walk
Our Services

Dog training your way

The changes you and your dog need to succeed in training aren’t always obvious. Our mobile service means our dedicated trainers can focus on what really matters

Puppy Training and Socialisation

Start a personalised journey towards a well-adjusted and socially adept puppy with us.

In-Home Behaviour Modification

Address specific behavioral challenges with personalised in-home sessions.

A very happy Labrador Husky Mix Dog with big smile

One-on-One Dog Training

Experience the difference of dedicated training tailored to your dog's needs

Benefits of Natural Dog Training

Training for all ages and breeds

Experience the difference our unique approach can make in your dog’s behaviour and your relationship with your pet.

  • Learn how to train your dog to respond to hand signals, verbal cues and gentle leash signals.
  • Our training methods have been proven to be effective, resulting in well-behaved dogs who are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.
  • When Puppy Classes aren’t your thing, we can help you home school and socialise your young dog 
Happy Labradoodle Dog with shaggy chocolate coloured coat, sitting down
  • Experience the magic of being synchronised with your dog as auto “Do as I do” takes the place of verbal cues
  • Dog guided walking for your dog’s mental wellbeing and social intelligence with a safe, well-trained mentor dog.
  • Our friendly, approachable trainers will answer any questions you have and will work at your pace.

What People Say
About Us

"Excellent dog training session on the beach with Nina today. She was so helpful my dog responded so well to her training. Highly recommended." Ocean Grove, Victoria
Francine B
"Harry and I had a brilliant session with Nina and her dog Brodie - what a gentle giant! Harry was initially ratty but by the end of the session he had had some calm sniffs and was walking nicely alongside Brodie. It was a really positive experience for both of us."
Geelong, Victoria
"I'd just like to thank you for the last two amazing training sessions I just had for Harvey. They honestly couldn't have gone better!! We will definitely be recommending you to everyone" Little River, Victoria
Kaitlyn H

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